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EUCROF25 Exhibitor centre

EUCROF25 Exhibitor Centre

Welcome to the EUCROF25 Exhibitor Centre. From here you can access your invoice and stand layout. As we get nearer to the event you will be able to access full information about EUCROF25 including the exhibitor guide, shipping information and other essential guides to maximising your experience. 

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Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

All exhibition stands are 3m wide. Stands are free standing and this is not a shell scheme. There are no walls to the stand space. The stand can be a flat back panel (e.g. TFS, roller, pop-up) and space in front is limited to the equivalent of a table and 2 chairs. 

The stand space includes a table and 2 chairs. These can be removed if you do not need these. There is power to all stands and wi-fi is included. 

Each stand has 2 daytime places included, these are called “Included Exhibitor Personnel”. You must book these people to attend and you can add items such as hotel accommodation and conference dinner at extra cost. 

If you wish to book more than 2 the additional personnel will be called “Additional Exhibitor Personnel”.