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call for abstracts

Welcome to the EUCROF24 Call for Abstracts. The last few years had an amazing impact on clinical research, be it through the pandemic forcing us to implement alternative ways to conduct clinical trials by introducing decentralised elements, be it through the coming into effect of the EU Clinical Trials Regulation with its business tool CTIS or be it through the forthcoming of digital transformation of processes leading to large amounts of data that have to be dealt with in a GxP environment. Patients are finally more involved in the planning, design, and conduct of clinical trials, thus making a difference in achieving operationally feasible studies and more meaningful results. Risk-based approaches have been introduced affecting trial design, data collection, and management of clinical trials with the ultimate goal to anticipate and mitigate risks, to put the resources where they are most needed and to ultimately improve the quality of clinical research. These are only a few changes the clinical research community is going through.

For over a decade, EUCROF Conferences are covering the actual, the future and even the visionary aspects around clinical research with contributions of all stakeholders involved. EUCROF24, The 7th EUCROF Conference, will be held on 19-20  February 2024 in Prague and this Call for Abstracts is aimed to invite you to send in your abstract to be considered for an oral presentation at EUCROF24. Irrespective of whether you are a subject matter expert or a person concerned (e.g., patient), your presentation will add value to our Conference and, vice versa, you will take home valuable information from our Conference. Please submit your abstract by 10th June 2023 using the form which you can access from the button below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to meeting you at the next EUCROF Conference in February 2024 in Prague.

Suggested Topics (this is only for guidance and we will accept abstracts covering other topic areas)

EU Clinical Trials Regulation – Experiences from different Stakeholder

  • Authorities
  • Sponsors
    • Commercial
    • Non-commercial
  • Investigational Sites
  • Ethics Committees
  • Protection of personal data and commercially confidential information
  • Other

Initiatives to ensure innovation for the benefit of patients

  • ACT EU – Accelerating Clinical Trials in the European Union
  • EU pharma legislation revision
  • Other

ICH Considerations

  • ICH-GCP actual status of:
    • Annex 1
    • Annex 2
  • The use of Real World Data in Clinical Trials
    • Acceptance by authorities?
    • GDPR aspects
  • ICH M11: Clinical Electronic Structured Harmonised Protocol (CESHARP)
  • Other ICH Initiatives/Topics

Patient / Patient Representative Involvement

  • Trial Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tele Medicine
  • Trial Results
  • Other topics on patient (representative) involvement

Decentralised Elements of Clinical Trials

  • Electronic Signature
  • Electronic Health Records
  • eConsent Process
  • Provision of IMP
  • Home Visits
  • Quality Management
  • Other Aspects

Digitisation and remote processes

  • eTMF – where are we?
  • Remote Inspections
  • Wearables and Source Data
  • Dynamic Archiving
  • Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Development
  • Other

Accepted Abstracts

If your abstract is accepted for an oral presentation you will be invited to speak at EUCROF24. In this circumstance you will be offered the following:

Free daytime attendance on the day you speak


25% reduction on the full conference package price (which includes 2 day attendance, accommodation & conference dinner)


In submitting the abstract you confirm that you have the approval (if required) from your employer to attend and present this material at EUCROF24.

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2022 Conference AttendeeConference Feedback
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